About Mi Gente Vota

Prints have historically been known for the ability to promote unity among a community of people. Often these images can articulate an idea and disseminate it quickly and effectively; they are announcements, visions, and ideals nourished by artists to rally community together. As an institution that has provided an international and intergenerational forum for the examination and expression of artistic concepts central to the Chicano/Latino experience, Galería de la Raza (Galería) has once again committed dedicated space in Studio 24 to engage communities with the digital and screen printmaking traditions.

As 2016 marks an election year, our first project aims to engage nuestra gente in the electoral process, either by inciting dialogue or by encouraging folks to take the next step to vote. Our first portfolio titled ¡Mi Gente Vota! commissioned works by Lenny Correa, Eric Garcia, Chris Robertson, and Lexx Valdez. The poster campaign will focus on 3 get out the vote activities: 1) we will circulate 11” x 17” non-partisan prints by each artist across the U.S. free of charge; 2) we will host a series of cultural interventions at various Bay Area sites where we will engage the public in the printmaking activity; 3) we will create a dedicated website and social media channels providing information on voter registration and other opportunities for civic engagement.

The long-term goal is that through the activities of the Studio 24 printmaking program a creation of unique and new visual narratives can be used as tools to support broader social justice movements and can offer a wide reach beyond the Chicano/Latino community.