Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson #MiGenteVota Poster“I'm a Canadian settler living on unceded Kanien'kehá:ka traditional territory (’Montreal’). We are neighbours, so for however much we dier politically and culturally, we have in common a shared interest in each other’s lives. Although cynicism is pervasive, voting and public protest are one of the very few ways people have to address their grievances with the government. From local politics to federal government, a change can be made through organization and unity with both tactics. My travels across this diverse nation have shown me that despite people's differences they essentially want the same things. To pursue a life that has meaning, safety and joy and to be treated with respect and contribute to their community. Government has a role to play in this; it's the reason for it's existence. This is why it is critical the government works for the people, and through our avenues of dissent must make them accountable.”

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