Artist Biographies

Lenny Correa

Lenny Correa is a migrant latinx artist muralist, organizer, curator, and agitator born in Ecuador and based out of Newark, NJ. His paintings, murals and projects question injustice, racism and xenophobia while celebrating crosscultural identity, silenced narratives and migration around the Americas and the world. This process is based on collaboration within host communities that seeks to react and amplify their voices in order to imagine and create a better and brighter future together. He is also an educator and public speaker for such projects as Young New Yorkers in New York, ConectArte in collaboration with with the United Nation’s World Food Program in El Salvador and City Without Walls in Newark, New Jersey.

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Eric Garcia

Known for mixing history and politics with contemporary themes, Eric J. Garcia always tries to create art that is much more than just aesthetics. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Garcia moved to Chicago in 2007, where he earned his Masters of Fine Arts degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Since then, Garcia has received many awards and has exhibited in numerous museums such as the National Museum of Mexican Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, and the Museum of Latin American Art, to name a few. A versatile artist working in an assortment of media, from hand-printed posters, to published political cartoons, to sculptural installations, they all have a common goal of educating and challenging the dominant narrative.

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Chris Robertson

Chris Robertson first started screen printing in his bedroom at fifteen. Since then nothing has changed, beyond move out of his parents, Some art schooling from the University of Waterloo, gain the experience of printing - cleaning screens - in commercial screen printing shops all over Montréal, to where he can be found today in his own shop La Presse du Chat Perdu (Lost Cat Press). Still screen printing, not very capable of doing much else.

This is the foundation for his artistic practice. Based in printmaking, a combination of screen print and woodcut techniques, he tries to do what any good artist is mandated by nature to do. Tell a compelling story. The goal being to share an idea or way of thinking, or make us feel less alone by speaking to us in a completely internal language. He tries to tell the story of all of us and what we do collectively, good and bad. Social Justice is in the forefront of his work, and also believes art should be accessible to everyone and chooses to mainly show work publicly through street art mediums or given for away for free. This may be antithetical to a professional practice, but this is how he can best tell his story.

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Lexx Valdez

Los Angeles based creative, Lexx Valdez believes in collective growth through a sustainable and transformative creative process. Her style is characterized by photo-collage and bold colors that she uses to create vibrantly-illustrated graphic narratives. She is currently the Creative Director at TaskForce in Culver City, CA and continues to freelance when capacity allows. When not creating, Lexx can be found taking in art for justice, jazz, self-care, and thrift finds, along the California coast.

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